___  Difficulty with short-term memory in the classroom

___  High level of distractibility and/or hyperactivity

___  Difficulty with spelling, reading and reading comprehension

___  Difficulty hearing with background noise

___  Low motivation, no interest, negative attitude and general dislike of school

___  Avoidance of reading and/or related activities

___  Homework hassles

___  Difficulty copying from the board to paper

___  Difficulty understanding new concepts

___  Difficulty following directions

___  Difficulty following and participating in discussions

___  Daydreaming in class

___  Clumsy and uncoordinated movements

___  Difficulty making friends and socially awkward

___  Low self-esteem, poor self-image, low self-confidence

___  Flat and monotonous voice, hesitant speech, weak vocabulary

___  Poor attention and concentration in learning and communication environments

___  Oversensitivity to sound

___  Messy handwriting

___  Low tolerance for frustration, highly irritable


If you checked four or more, it may be indicative of processing difficulties that would require a clinical evaluation to determine the nature and extent of the problem.