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Seeing Results of Tomatis

allyoopadoop posted Sep.30th, 2004, 7:34:45 am1/1
When I was researching Tomatis for my son who has autism, I talked to a number of people.

One wise friend of mine, who had done Tomatis many years earlier with her daughter who had autism, shared their experience with me.

She told me to expect a number of things but most of all she told me to expect that we would do a lot of Tomatis and not see anything for a long time.

She then shared about the brain and how it can take a while for the brain to adjust or integrate to the changes it is making.

So, I took my son for therapy and expected absolutely nothing. Of course we saw some relatively small changes all the way throughout but at around 9 months post Tomatis we saw a big bang! Vocabulary (not previously drilled to death) started to flow out of the child! He spoke more fluently! To complement Tomatis, we worked on his vestibular system and about 18 months later this boy could finally ride a 2 wheel bike (no training wheels) and later could do "Heely's"

This is a boy who has moderate cognitive and significant motor delays. We never thought he would do those things.

Thank you Tomatis Sound Therapy!

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